I want to capture you in your most honest and authentic form. I want my images to tell the story of you and who you are. I do this by cultivating an environment of comfortability and guiding you naturally through poses and actions. I don't expect you to be a professional model and it's my job to make you feel comfortable and confident. You just show up and I'll do the rest! 


For couples, families, maternity, portraits, birth etc. Documenting you in your most natural setting and telling the story of who you are with images is my most favorite thing. Whether its for a special occasion or just because I want to capture you at this moment in time and give you something you'll look back on and cherish forever. 

Intimate Weddings+ Elopements

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Working with brands, bloggers, and small businesses has allowed me to help meet a brand’s needs in providing high quality, cohesive and professional imagery for marketing purposes on multiple platforms. Bringing your vision to life would be such an honor for me! These projects are given custom quotes based on your needs, so click below to get a quote!

I want my photos to do more than just look pretty. I want them to evoke an emotion and to bring you back to that exact moment. That moment when you tightly gripped the letter he wrote you and read it with tear filled eyes. That moment when your mom watched from afar with a look that could only be described as tangible joy and overwhelming wander. The moment when your best friend got choked up telling a room full of people how incredible your love is. All of the subtle moments that pass by- the hand- squeeze, the smile, the tear filled eyes- those are the moments that help to tell your story and those are the moments that I desire to capture most. 

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Good question. Your photos are your memories. And memories, in my opinion, are one of the sweetest gifts God gave us. 

Growing up, every time my sisters and I would stay with my grandma we'd go rummaging around in her old shoe boxes of black and white photos- every time, no matter how many times we'd seen them. We'd ask "and who was that" a million times and say things like "I can't believe you wore your hair like that!" And my grandma would just sit amongst us smiling and answering all of our questions with a shine in her eyes.

You want photos that 50 years from now, you'll pull out and scatter all over the floor so that your grandkids can look at them. You'll be able to look at a photo of their grandpa rubbing cake in your face on your wedding day and laugh and tell them all about it. You'll show them photos of their dad as toddler, with a mischievous grin spread across his face. You'll get to go back and relive the story of your life. 

I don't know about you, but I think that's something worth investing in. 

Why should you invest in photos?


— Forrest & Cindy, Wedding

Hannah went above and beyond with her photos. The technicality and beauty of them is pristine. She’s an amazing creative mind, full of professionalism, attention to detail and actual care of her clients. 
She captured our big day so perfectly that that’ll be the way we remember it. Hannah is an amazing person to be around that having her photograph our wedding seemed more like have another invited guest there for us rather than some random person we just hired. I wouldn’t hire anyone else. Keep up the amazing work Hannah, and to you reading this review, just book her already and thank me later. 

"Hannah will go above and beyond to tell YOUR story and to make sure you remember it in a way that is unique to you 


— Victoria & Austin, Wedding

I cannot say enough good things about Hannah, but I know if I could redo the whole wedding, I would 100% use Hannah for our photography again!!”

"We felt every emotion and relived every tear and smile!! 


— Holly Beth & Matt, Wedding

During our wedding day, she was organized and deliberate when it came to getting the shots we wanted. She got all of the shots we were hoping for while also fading into the background, making our wedding day feel organic and enjoyable rather than as though it was all a staged photoshoot.

" hannah is the perfect balance of get-it-done and easygoing."


— Yuria & Cameron, Wedding

I really loved how she captured moments that I wouldn't have gotten to see (like the people laughing and staring at the donuts) and the little details of the decoration she captured meant a lot of me. I love going back and looking through the pictures and reliving the day. 

"hannah made me feel at ease and allowed me to really enjoy my day with all of the people I love."


— Hailee & Josh, Proposal

Being in front of a camera is not something I typically enjoy, but Hannah's kindness and gentleness makes it so easy and fun! She captured truly candid moments of me and my fiancé being "us" but also suggested natural poses.

"hannah made us feel so comfortable!"


— Maddi & Aaron, Engagements

She made it so fun and easy and our pictures turned out so beautiful! She will definitely become our photographer for every special occasion! Thank you so much Hannah!

"hannah is the best photographer ever."


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