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We’re Having Another Baby!



Holy Moly!! Guys, I’ve known for about 3 weeks now and I still just cannot believe it!

This pregnancy is already SO different than the last one in lots of ways. Like for starters, feeling like crap and having 0% energy while watching a toddler is.. well.. interesting to say the least. Lets just say, Disney is Shep’s new best friend!

I kind of knew I was pregnant this time before I even took a test. I was traveling for a whole week for work and got food poisoning one night (when no one else who ate the curry did) and then just kind of continued to feel nauseous for the rest of the week. Coffee also became disgusting to me all of a sudden and out of nowhere one morning while I was gone. Brushing my teeth made me gag. These were kind of the tale- tell signs for me. But even though in the back of my mind I knew I probably was pregnant, I just didn’t believe it. I wanted to take a test so bad but wanted to wait until I was back home in Denver to do it. Chase knew that I had been feeling crappy and I had told him I thought I could possibly be pregnant- but like I said, neither of us really believed I was.

After Chase and little Shep picked me up from the airport, I came home and went to secretly take a test. I didn’t tell Chase I was taking the test because I didn’t want to get his hopes up in those incredibly long 5 minutes of waiting (and because I thought it’d say negative). After literally 3 seconds, the little test strip showed two lines- meaning the test was positive! I still didn’t believe it and got out my last “fancy” (the ones that cost like $20 just for 2) test and took that one. It too said positive after a few moments and I did a little happy dance and then tried my best to naturally walk into the living room where Chase and Shepherd were. I picked Shepherd up and casually said “Sheppy, you’re gonna be a big brother!” It took Chase a moment to realize what I said, but as soon as he did, he looked up with a huge smile and said “NO WAY!”

We are so so thankful that God is trusting us to care for another little human and can’t wait to meet this sweet little soul come SUMMER 2019! I’m already dreaming about him/her and just can’t wait to find out the gender so we can start picking a name and buying all the adorable tiny baby clothes. Please keep our little family OF FOUR (whatttt) in your prayers as we eagerly wait his/her arrival:)




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