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How on earth am I a mom to a ONE YEAR OLD! How did the last 365 days go by so quickly? And how is it possible for each new stage with him to get sweeter and sweeter?

Everyone was so so right when they said it’d go by fast. I feel like I blinked and now I have an almost toddler. Every night when we pray with him I thank God over and over and over again that he trusted us to be the parents of this little soul. Shepherd is so so sweet and so goofy. The very first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is smile so so big and has been doing that ever since he learned how. He is obsessed with bath time and cries dramatically every time he has to get out. He eats everything (and I mean everything) and makes such a mess while doing it. Chase and I love watching his expressions when he learns something new or sees something for the first time. Shep is also super in to giving lots of kisses right now but doesn’t quite get what it means to be gentle, so sometimes it turns into more of a head butt. He also loves the apple TV remote and doorstoppers, which is just great.

Gosh I just love our little boy so much and it was so much fun to get to celebrate him for his birthday. I know he may not of noticed but it was so special for us to get to be extra loving and to give him all the sweets and yummy things! It was also incredibly special that both of our families and a few friends flew all the way out to Colorado to help love on and celebrate Shepherd. Chase and I both felt unbelievably loved by that and it definitely made the weekend a ton more fun!

We rented out an Airbnb for the weekend (here is a link to it, it was so nice and in a great location) so that we could spend as much time as possible with everyone. We also went on a hike, grilled out, Shepherd opened some gifts, destroyed his cake and we all laughed our butts off playing around at Wash Park. All in all,  it was a really great weekend and I’m so so thankful for our amazing friend and family who helped make it all happen.

Shep, you are so dang loved and we are so excited for the next year with you!

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