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We Moved to Denver!


Hey there friends!

So I know I’ve been pretty silent for awhile, but man has life been crazy lately. As the title of this post mentions.. Our little fam packed up, said farewell to Fort Worth and headed to the mountains!

Firsts things first, why did we move? Good question. Well, it all happened pretty dang quick and we definitely weren’t actively trying to move anywhere. Chase had been looking for a new job for months and we had been praying eagerly for some door to open up. Months and months went by with nothing seeming to work out. I was (and am) crazy proud of my rock of a husband because if it was me, I probably would’ve just quit. But he remained patient and steadfast even though his job in Fort Worth was less than ideal. One day he got a message from a manager from Johnson & Johnson in Denver asking if he would send his resume over. He had a phone interview a few days later, then a skype interview and then they flew him to Denver a week later for his final interview. I picked him up from the airport that night he got back from his last interview and right when he got in the car they called to tell him that the decision was unanimous and he got the job!! We left for Italy the next morning, knowing we had less than 3 weeks to say goodbye to all of our friends in Fort Worth (cue us calling all our peeps at 8AM in the airport that morning to fill them in), to find somewhere to live in Denver (shout out to Lexi Fletcher for coming with me and shep to home hunt) and to pack everything up and move. It was utter chaos to say the least. On June 1st we shut the door to our home in Fort Worth, handed back in our apartment keys and headed for our new home in Colorado.

We’ve officially been here for 2 months now but have been all over the place this summer with both of our jobs, so it definitely has felt more like 2 weeks. While we haven’t spent much time here yet, we both love it so much and are excited to get into a routine and rhythm. We don’t really know anyone yet, but based off of how God has provided in every other way during this whole process, I know that community will come. In the process of spending lots and lots of time alone (Chase has had barely any time with all of his job trainings) I have come to realize not only how sweet and wonderful our Fort Worth community was and how much they felt like a home to me, but also that I sometimes rely too much on community and not enough on Jesus. So the alone time I’ve had has allowed me to remember that Jesus really is all I need and that has been pretty cool.

I don’t want to make this too long, I just wanted to pop in and give a life update! So all in all, the move has been hard but good. We miss our friends and the familiarity of our home and lives in Texas, but are so excited for a new adventure and lean in to what Jesus has for us in Denver. And now here are some mountain pics cause who doesn’t love the mountains (especially when a squishy baby is in them)!




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