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Hey friends, so I guess it’s time for me to finish up my 3 part blog series on my age + life stage. So, back almost 2 years ago now (yikes!) I was engaged and one of my best friends jokingly said that I’d be showing up to graduation with a baby. I laughed and rolled my eyes, and probably punched her in the arm for making such a ridiculous statement! Now, here we are… and I will be showing up to graduation with a 9 month old! I have learned at this point to never say never haha. Anyways.. I just wanted to give y’all some little life updates and let ya in on some things I’ve been learning these past 6 months with baby Shepherd.

As I was writing this, Shepherd spit up all over me and I’m to lazy to go change… So if that doesn’t scream #MomLife I don’t know what does. I still can’t believe that I am a mom. There are moments when it feels super real, like when we are at his doctor’s office and the nurses call me “Mom” and I look around and realize they’re talking to me! Or, when my friends remind me how crazy it is that I have a baby. Other than that, most times it just seems so normal and natural that I don’t even realize I’ve entered into that next realm of life. Which leads me to the first thing I want to talk about.

Life Doesn’t Have to End

Man oh man. This is a big one. Chase and I both had these expectations of parenthood that were not necessarily the best. I mean, we knew we’d love our little baby but we just expected life to become somewhat less fun. This could not be less true. Life has become infinitely more fun! We are so obsessed with our little squish that he is constantly entertaining us and making us laugh. We also still pretty much do the same things we always did before- Shep just tags along! We hang out with our friends, go out to eat, go on dates, go to weddings (Shep got down on the dance floor with us haha), play sports, travel, you name it! Yeah, things are a bit more complicated when it comes to the logistics of those things but our life hasn’t drastically changed in those areas because of having a baby.

Babies Are Fun

Y’all. I am not a baby person. I am not the girl that sees a baby and starts gushing. I’m the girl who is internally pleading and hoping that no one asks me to hold their baby because I’m terrified of them (well, was terrified). So holy moly have I been so blown away by how obsessed I am with Shepherd and how much fun I have with him. For those of you who are the same way, let me assure you- I promise it’s different when it’s your baby haha! Like I could watch him explore a cup for 30 minutes and not get bored of it. It’s crazy how much you love your own kid and how everything they do is magical to you!

I See People Differently

Okay, this one is gonna make me sound like SUCH a mom. I’m cringing thinking about how it makes me sound like my own mom haha. But having a child has totally made me see other people in such a different way. All of a sudden they become someone else’s kid to me. The thought of someone being mean or making fun of Shepherd just breaks my heart, and now I realize that everyone has somebody who feels that way about them. Okay, my corny mom-ness is over now.

All the Growth

Parenthood definitely makes ya grow up real quick and it has been so freakin cool to get to grow up with my best friend. That is one of the beauties of getting married so young, you really do get to grow up together- and God decided to totally expedite this process for us by making us parents so early on. Chase and I have also gotten to see each other mature so much. It blows my mind how much he has matured and grown in just the past year and several months of marriage. I have come to not only love and adore him, but also to really respect him. He is such a continual example of Christ to me in the way that He loves and cherishes both Shepherd and I. I always swore I would give my future kids the best dad ever and I literally start crying just thinking about how much Chase has exceeded all of my expectations in fulfilling that role. I just hope that as Shepherd grows he will truly know how freaking blessed he is to have such an incredible dad. He is also the hottest dad, I’ve  ever seen.. but then again I’m biased.

The Love of Christ

Being a mom and experiencing the insane love that comes along with having a child has given me such a cool perspective and insight into the way that God loves us. In the past it was always so hard for me to grasp or even begin to understand how it’d be possible for God to love us so perfectly and fully despite our pervasive flaws. It was so hard for me to believe that He could love us without us doing anything at all. But now, now I see how it’s possible. I love Shepherd because he is. He exists and therefore I love him. This is the way that God loves us, but infinitely more and it brings me to worship Him so much more because of that.

To sum it all up, parenthood is a blast! We are so far off from being pros at it and are totally just learning as we go, but God continues to guide and equip us each step of the way. We are constantly asking each other, “Do you think that’s okay?” in reference to some decision with Shepherd and the other will usually respond with a shrug and “I don’t know, I hope so!” We have already made plenty of mistakes that we laugh at now and I know we’ll make lots more, but luckily Shepherd won’t remember the first couple of years anyways! All in all, this little adventure has been too sweet to put into words. Every morning when I look at my smiling boys face I’m perpetually grateful that we have a God who is sovereign and whose plans are so much better than our own.




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