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Steph + Preston | Proposal


Two of the most joyful souls got engaged and I got to be the luckiest third wheel and capture it for them!

Preston and Steph were celebrating their one year anniversary and Preston had told Steph that they were going to a fancy shmancy dinner in Dallas. As he picked her up he told her that the restaurant had overbooked and they lost their reservation. So their plan B was to go on a little walk near another place they liked to eat! It also happened to be the same walk they took on their first date! As they turned a corner, near some benches Steph saw a bunch of notes paper clipped along string (they were all of the handwritten notes she had given him over the years) and heard some soft music and realized what was happening! Her face lit up and her joy was contagious!! He led her over to a beautiful lookout on the river and pulled out a letter to read her. I had so many tears welling up but kept trying to hold them in so I could see through the view finder in my camera haha. Preston then kneeled down and asked Stephanie to be his wife! She literally jumped up and down as she said yes and then they both jumped up and down and embraced. We all heard a loud cheer and Steph looked across the river to see a hoard of people cheering for them! We then walked across to meet everyone at the restaurant and to celebrate Steph and Preston!

I cannot wait to party it up at yalls wedding!




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