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Shepherd’s Nursery


Creating this little space was so sweet. We spent a lot of time and energy putting it all together. There are also some really special pieces in Shepherd’s room that I’m excited to share! His crib was actually the crib I used when I was a baby, which makes it super special to me. I’m so thankful my mom kept it for me to use. The changing table/ dresser was also a piece of furniture that was in my sisters childhood room. The little wolf and fox figurines were the cake toppers on the cake from our baby shower, which our dear friend made for us. The rocker is a hand-me-down from my older sister and knowing that we both get to rock our first babies to sleep in the same chair is super special to me as well. Several of the decorations in his room were also hand crafted by close friends and it’s such a sweet reminder of the village that is already helping to raise little Shep. Watching Shepherd’s room come together made everything so so real. I love this space so much and I’m so excited for all of the memories and firsts that will be had in it.




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